GIY follow a tailored approach

In an increasingly competitive 11+ environment, we can help your child succeed and get through what is a most challenging time for child and parent

  • GIY has detailed knowledge about each exam set at Grammar schools and leading independent schools. We specialise in all four papers of Maths, English, Verbal reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning; and run tutorial sessions in London and Kent.
  • We are well versed on the requirements of the main exam boards – NFER (GL) & CEM.
  • We focus on exam confidence and technique as well as how to manage time effectively on all papers.
  • We provide 11+ tuition on a one-to-one basis and in small groups; ensuring each child receives adequate individual attention, while also making sure our weekly sessions are affordable for parents.

GIY also run various 11+ courses throughout the year. Please see our Courses section for more information.


GIY deliver year after year

We deliver excellent results year after year and will help your child remain confident and motivated throughout their GCSE years

The GCSE exams have seen significant changes recently to raise standards and the volume of subjects examined by the various boards can prove challenging and confusing without the right guide. We are here to help.

Our tutors will:

  • Provide the right environment for your child and focus on developing confidence and encouraging individual thinking.
  • Use real life application in approaching problems
  • Teach exam techniques and how to manage time effectively- a skill required for the latter years.
  • Offer ‘face-time’ such that your child will receive the individual attention needed to tackle problems in detail and confidently.
  • Never end a tutoring session until your child has had a full grasp of the subject area being taught.

Please get in touch and book a tutor or course.

AS/A2 Levels

GIY understand the stakes at this level

We have achieved blockbusting results year after year and can help you attain desired grades for your top choice of university

The A-Level years can feel like a complete marathon with constant study, exams and big decisions to be made with the UCAS applications for university places.

We understand this pressure as we have been through it ourselves and it is important to achieve a balance of getting excellent grades whilst also being fully informed about your choices.

GIY can help you with all these and much more. Our tutors are excellent and juggled all the above and came out on top. Here is abit more about them:

  • Our tutors act as buddies and offer mentorship entirely for free, ensuring that you always have someone in the know to approach about anything.
  • They are well versed in the all things related to exam boards and their various requirements.
  • They have thousands of hours of tutoring between them and are specialists in your subject choices.
  • Most of them will have been to some of the top universities that you dream of attending, and even read the same subjects of interest and therefore will be best placed to provide useful information you won’t learn elsewhere.
  • Most of all, they are there to motivate, inspire and ramp up your confidence to succeed in all areas; whilst having fun along the way.

Please get in touch and book a tutor or join a course.

University Tuition

GIY brings out the specialist in you

We decode your degree to ‘cell’ level and explain topics and concepts in-depth. GIY can help you achieve top marks in your degree

We have the experience of delivering top tutors in your area of study at the undergraduate level; therefore we are confident we’ll be able to steer you in the right direction and tackle those tough areas of study no matter what degree you study.

  • GIY tutors are all highly educated at top universities and have studied the exact same modules you currently are, and delivered a minimum of 2:1 in that module.
  • They have been through the pressure of exams and coursework deadlines and will therefore be fully qualified to explain difficult concepts and any problem areas you may have.
  • They will act as a ‘buddy’ and give you the confidence that you can deliver the top results as they have.
  • It can be daunting to embark on a dissertation, so our tutors will offer you direction in terms of research; teaching you the most efficient ways to plan, write and complete course-works and projects.

Please contact us so that we can find out more about your individual requirements.

Young Professionals

GIY supports acquiring specific knowledge and developing daily

Obtain the right tools to help you stand out from the thousands of other graduates and young professionals in the job market

We offer courses to young graduates and professionals to help improve employability, develop a stronger CV and work efficiency. These tend to be short courses with high impact and offered by a specialist in the particular area. Examples of such courses include our Introduction to Excel and Financial Modelling for aspiring Financial Services workers.

See the courses tab for more information.

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“My daughter has a very strong understanding of mathematics but to my surprise found Physics very tricky. GIY stepped in and inspired her to understand Physics through a mathematical lens. She went on to achieve 100% at GCSE Physics and ‘A’ at A-Level Physics! “- Mr A E

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