Welcome to GIY – TONBRIDGE

We are opening soon and just making sure that we can deliver an exceptional service to you. Please do visit again.

In the meantime, we are accepting registrations due to high demand in the area. Kindly visit Booking and register, as well as book the initial online assessment, which is part of the registration process. The initial online assessment helps us paint a picture of your child’s needs. Please take note of your unique STUDENT ID, which you’ll receive online after your registration. You can use this in all communications with us.

We will then call you back as soon as we receive your registration electronically and send you a link to your actual online assessment. The results of your online assessment will be used to create a Personalised Lesson Plan that is unique to your child.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

GeniusInYou Team

D: 020 3695 9317
M: 07949 138 171, 07886 391 114
E: info@geniusinyou.co.uk

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